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summer internship programme


Summer Internship Programme

Find out about the Fast Stream and the Civil Service by joining the internship


6 to 8 weeks

Salary per week (Paid monthly)





The Summer Internship Programme (SIP) gives people from all backgrounds, especially with a regional or STEM focus, and specific diverse backgrounds the opportunity to see what a career in the Civil Service is like. It puts talented undergraduates and graduates on a work placement in a government department. As a successful applicant, you’ll get an insight into the broad range of opportunities available across the Civil Service.

The SIP is a great way to prepare for a place on one of our Fast Stream graduate programmes, which could lead to many different career paths at the heart of the UK Government. Two months on the SIP could change your life!

If you are from a diverse background, eligible for the programme, you’ll also be invited to undertake Fast Pass, which is a quicker route to Fast Stream selection. The Fast Pass means if you receive a positive appraisal during the 2023 SIP internship, and then apply for Fast Stream that year, you’ll be fast-tracked past the initial online selection stages. You’ll also have the option to defer your Fast Pass to the following year. As part of the programme you will receive selection skill support. This gives you an excellent chance to succeed on the Fast Stream.


  • You’re in your final 2 years at university with a 2:2 or higher in any degree subject (expected or awarded), though with a particular focus on STEM degrees.
  • You meet the diversity requirements - ethnic minority, socially or economically disadvantaged. Click the link down below to check if you are eligible.
  • Right to work in the UK.

What will you experience?

SIP What To Expect SIP What To Expect

On the internship you’ll do challenging project-related work. You could be:

  • Conducting research.
  • Providing project support.
  • Assisting with the creation of policy documents.
  • Shadowing senior civil servants.
  • Attending meetings with senior advisors on major issues.

The support you get includes:

  • An allocated Fast Stream buddy and a scheme manager to support and oversee you.
  • An excellent range of central events for you to attend, such as skills sessions, school mentoring and parliamentary visits.
  • A corporate welcome reception in early July and a closing reception in September involving inspirational speakers.
  • Access to ‘Fast Pass’ for those from a diverse background, which potentially allows you to be fast-tracked to the final stages of the Fast Stream selection process. A minimum of 6 weeks is required in your placement in order to be considered for a ‘Fast Pass’.

Check you're eligible for SIP

Your progression through the programme


You can only apply for SIP in your final 2 years at university (on your first degree).

You should have a 2.2 degree (expected or awarded).

You need the right to work in the UK.


Candidates must also be from one or more of the following backgrounds:

  • From any background. We are especially interested in candidates able to do a regional posting, outside London, or with a STEM background degree, though London postings are available.
  • From an ethnic minority background.
  • Socially or economically disadvantaged.

Candidates from these ethinic Minority backgrounds can apply:

  • Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or any other Asian background.
  • African, Caribbean or any other black background.
  • White and Asian, white and black African, white and black Caribbean or any other mixed ethnic background.
  • Other - Arab.

The programmes are open to UK nationals and Commonwealth and EEA citizens. All successful applicants will be required to pass security checks and your placement will be dependent on this. We assess social and economic background using questions based mainly on family background.

You’ll need:

  • A real interest in pursuing a career in the Civil Service.
  • Show you can work in a team.
  • Be innovative and creative.
  • Be able to work with people at varying levels of ability and responsibility.
  • Be motivated to help make improvements on major policy issues or on how public services are provided.
  • Demonstrate the key behaviour we expect from civil servants.

You can apply for the SIP regardless of whether you’ve applied for a Fast Stream scheme at the same time. However, you’ll have to withdraw your internship application if you’re successful for a Fast Stream scheme in the same competition year.

You can only participate in the SIP once.

Application process


You take the same initial online tests as all other applicants to the Fast Stream. If you pass, you then complete an online application form and invite you for a telephone interview during January and February 2023

You need to be available for the internship in the Summer holiday period from July to August 2023