How to use the e-tray image

How to use the e-tray

How to use the e-tray

In the e-Tray assessment, you’ll be presented with a series of emails and you need to respond to each of them by selecting your response from a list. To assist you, supporting information and documents will be provided on-screen.

All of the emails and supporting information relate to a single fictional scenario. We recommend that you take some time at the start of the assessment to read through and familiarise yourself with the background information.

The exercise lasts for 80 minutes and you must complete it in one sitting.

At the start you’ll now be shown an example scenario to practice, this will be different from the scenario in your assessment. You’ll be given feedback on the correct answers before progressing on to your actual assessment.

How to access the background information

Click on the ‘Background documents’ icon to access the information you’ll need to read to complete the assessment. These documents will be available to you throughout the assessment. Inside the ‘Background documents’ there will be links to a number of different documents.


How to access attachments to emails

A few emails will have attachments. Click on the ‘Attachment’ icon to access email attachments.


How to respond to emails

After each email, you’ll be provided with four responses. Choose the response you think is the ‘Most’ effective and the one you think is the ‘Least’ effective. Base your choice on the information provided to you in the email, the background documents and attachments (if relevant).


Moving between emails

We recommend that you work through each of the emails in turn. You can move between emails using the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons. You can also select a specific email using the numbered bar at the bottom.



The countdown timer in the top right hand corner tells you how long you have left.

GIF of the timer counting down